Our Speakers

Daniel Nathrath

Co-Founder & CEO, Ada Health

Petteri Joenpolvi


Andy Shin

COO, AHA Center for Health Innovation at American Hospital Association

Christian Wards

Director of Group Healthcare, AIA

Jyoti Nagrani

Co-Founder & VP Operations and Partnerships, aido health

Eddie Martucci

Co-Founder & CEO, Akili Interactive Labs

Julia Finkel

Founder, AlgometRx

Nathanael Faibis

CEO, Alodokter

Gavin Teo

General Partner, Altara Ventures

John Wu

Co-Founder, Altumview Systems

Don Crawford

President & CEO, Analytics 4 Life

Robin Röhm

Co Founder & CEO, Apheris

Elisabeth White 

Partner, Baker McKenzie

Seck Yee Chung

Partner, Baker McKenzie

Christy Anderson

Executive Director, Banner Innovation Group

Douglas Häggström

Manager DayOne Accelerator, Basel Area Business & Innovation

Thomas Nirnberger

Manager International Markets, Basel Area Business & Innovation

Kuldeep Singh

Founder & CEO, Biofourmis

Kun Jiang

Founder & CEO, BioMark

Jacob Laporte

Co-Founder & VP, Global Head, BIOME by Novartis

Johan Möller

Co-Director, Brighter

Carrie Solmundson

CEO, Canada Wellness Institute

Omkar Kulkarni

Chief Innovation Officer, Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)

Juilian Mengual

CEO, South East Asia & Regional Health Solutions, Cigna

Neeraj Kothari

Co-Founder and CTO, Cogniant.co

Parsa Famili

President, Cognistat

Elysa Marco

Director of Pediatric Neurology, Cortica

Mathew Jafarzadeh

Co-Founder & Director, CosmoAesthetics

Fiona Pathiraja

Managing Partner, Crista Galli Ventures

Lynda Brown

Founder & CEO, Curatio.me

Peter Ohnemus

Founder & CEO, dacadoo

Thomas Dijohn

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, dacadoo

Peter Hewett

Chairman & Colorectal Surgeon, Data Dissect

Indranil Roy Chowdhury

Co-Founder & CEO, Docquity

Xin Yi Aw Yong

Senior Manager, Healthcare & Wellness Industry Strategy, EDB

YC Choy

Regional Vice President for Europe, EDB

Maria Crews

Global CMO, Gabriel

Zoe Hawa

Deputy Director - Life Sciences, Global Affairs Canada

Jonathan Sudharta

Co-Founder and CEO, Halodoc

Dr Henrik Matthies

Managing Director, Health Innovation Hub

James Miles-Lambert

CEO, Hello Health Group

Paul Feldhausen

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Holmusk

Nawal Roy

Founder & CEO, Holmusk

Stefan Suter

Head, Holmusk Europe

Jim Havelka

CEO, InformAI

Pål Kastmann

Director & Commercial Counsellor, Innovation Norway

Kara Bortone

Senior Director, Sourcing & Portfolio Management, JLABS, Johnson & Johnson

Sharon Chan

Head JLABS @ Shanghai, Johnson & Johnson

Elena Fernandez Kleinlein

Head of JLABS EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Nicklas Linz

CEO, ki elements

Antony Vriens

VP, Chief of Insurance Technical Services, Manulife

Chris Coburn

Chief Innovation Officer, Mass General Brigham

Buzz Palmer

Co-Founder & CEO, MedTech Actuator

Pavel Nevicky

Co-Founder & CEO, Mindpax

Brant Herman

Founder & CEO, MouthWatch

Frank Florio

Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Myant

Snehal Patel

Co-Founder & CEO, MyDoc

Jennifer Meller

Founder & CEO, Navimize

Alan Goh

Co-Founder & CEO, NDR Medical Technology

Pramod Kutty

Co-Founder & CEO, Neev Tech Labs

Michael Chen

Co-Founder & CEO, neoX Biotech

Ville Mujunen

Co-Founder & CEO, Ninchat

Sami Jääskeläinen

Community Director, Nordic Innovation House

Miguel Rivera

Business Model Transformation Head, Asia Cluster, Novartis

Vijay Barathan

Senior Principal, Optum Ventures

Patty Lee

Founder & CEO, Orbit.Health

Troy Bannister

Founder & CEO, Particle Health

John Gordon

Digital Innovation Lab Lead - International Markets, Pfizer

Marco Huesch

Managing Partner & Chief Medical Officer, PING AN

Marcus Sieger

President & CEO, Polpharma

Sara Vaezy

Chief Digital Strategy & Business Development Officer, Providence

Scarlett Chen

Managing Director, Prudential Corporation Asia

Jacques Husser


Jochen Hurlebaus

Head of Digital Health Innovation, Roche

Anna Levchuk

Head, Healthcare Industry, S&P Global

Indira Umareddy

Virtual Healthcare Customer Insight Generation Lead, Sanofi

Gilles Litman

Vice-President, Digital Health, Sanofi

Shotaro Asano

CEO, Save Medical Corporation

Peter Nestorov

Founder & CEO, Scailyte

Kari Aho

Co-Founder & CEO, Secapp

Yoshinori Satomi

Associate Director, Digital Intelligence Department, Shionogi & Co

Serene Cai

Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships and Projects, Speedoc

Logan Plaster

Media Director, Startup Health

Yannick Even

Director - Head of Digital & Smart Analytics, Swiss Re

Alex Ng

Vice President, Tencent Healthcare

Joan Low

Founder & CEO, Thoughtfull

Kim Padilla Walpole

Co-Founder & CEO, Trials.ai

Atsuki Nakanishi

Organizer, Triple W Japan

Helmut Schuehsler

Chairman & CEO, TVM Capital Healthcare

Kota Kubo

Co-CEO & Software Engineer, Ubie

Steve Handley

Chief Revenue Officer, Uprise

James Hare

Co-Founder & CEO, Us2.ai

Vincent Varcamer

Head of Innovation & Strategy Europe, Withings

Kunihiro Nishimura

Founder & CEO, Xcoo

Robert Iannone

Founder & CEO, Zoundream

Mark Chennels

Co-Founder & Director, Cyrcadia

Kelven Tsoi

Founder, DeepHealth

Kenneth Wong

Co-Founder, Evercare Health

Dario Heymann

Chief Research Officer, Galen Growth

Helene Champoux

COO, Galen Growth

Julien Desalaberry

Founder & CEO, Galen Growth

Matt Whittingham

Global Head of Partnerships (Insurance), Galen Growth

Andy Wong

Head of Innovation & Technology, Invest Hong Kong

Melvin Lee

Head, Invest Hong Kong

Kow Ping

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Well Being Digital